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A holistic approach to how you manage your storage and logistic needs

DMO is a logistics warehouse and product distribution company in Australia. Located in Brisbane, DMO provides a complete range of 3PL warehouse distribution management services to businesses and organisations from all over the world, all who target Australian destinations.

Established in 1998, DMO has an enviable record of providing our clients with top quality mail house services and product distribution solutions. Whether for their mailing and online sales fulfilment, pick and pack needs, or other logistics needs, we are in the best position to offer a solution.

A dedicated logistics warehouse with a diverse range of mailing services

Our commitment is to provide the same level of professional mailing house service, each and every time. Speed, accuracy and efficiency are guaranteed with all DMO distribution operations and direct mail processing. It’s why we’ve risen over the past 17+ years to become a preferred one stop provider of a number of warehousing and distribution mailing solutions in Australia.

DMO offers a comprehensive and cost effective range of professional product distribution and direct mail management services, utilising the very latest production, packaging and imaging techniques to ensure our finished product and mail house services are of the highest level.

DMO provide fast, efficient printing and processing of transactional and direct mail marketing solutions throughout Australia.

We can help you with personalised and highly competitive quotes including detailed cost-effective design and development of all your warehouse distribution requirements­ ­­– all of which are usually completed with a fast turnaround time!

If you would like DMO to become your preferred mailing house service or distributor in Australia please contact us now.

Doing our bit for the environment

We have been wrapping bulk mail in plastic for years. In fact, you’ve probably received magazines wrapped by us in your letterbox at some point!

Now more than ever there is a justifiable demand for sustainability. Many of our customers are comforted by the knowledge that we supply a degradable plastic wrap for their magazine distribution and mail marketing services – we use Australian Forestry Standard paper for all of our in-house mailing solutions and printing requirements.

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